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MS Project 2003 in One Day (MSPIOD)  

Most basic MS Project classes follow a two-day curriculum, assuming users will take advantage of the myriad of features this robust tool has to offer. MSPIOD recognizes that most users will only touch a small portion of MS Project's available features and aims at producing immediate productivity with the practical fundamentals.

MSPIOD focuses on teaching participants to create a task-based project plan.   They learn how to enter, edit and link tasks then print them out or e-mail them to other stakeholders as text or graphics.  

After completing this class, participants should be able to:
•  Create a simple, non-resource-loaded project schedule
•  Know how to communicate their plan throughout their organization
•  Be familiar with tricks, traps and daily usage efficiency-boosters
•  Feel confident in knowing where to find the knowledge they need for the next steps (resource management, multiple projects, tracking etc.)

After a morning of learning the basics, participants spend the early afternoon working on prepared cases studies or their own projects. The day completes with an overview of daily-use efficiency tips and advanced features.


Courseware and exercise files are provided.   The skills taught in this class are valid for MS Project 2000 through MS Project 2003.

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