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PMNB Three-Day Instructional Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • Define Project Management and understand the value of a phased approach
  • Understand how to show Project Constraints to communicate project priorities
  • Know how to identify stakeholders and understand their priorities
  • Use a project objective statement to keep focus on objectives
  • Use a Project Charter to validate and communicate what management expects the project to accomplish
  • Create and interpret a Work Breakdown Structure, Network Chart, Gantt Chart and Resource Histogram
  • Understand the appropriate use of scheduling tools ("Everything you need to know before you use MS Project")
  • Utilize risk identification and mitigation tools in depth
  • Use all the above data-driven tools to validate that a project plan meets project charter objectives
  • Understand the core issues of project execution and control
  • Practice holding an efficient status report meeting
  • Practice how to communicate alternatives when a project schedule or budget goes awry



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